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Tighten up Your Quad Security

by Tricia Colling - 19:22 on 04 January 2019

Quad bike owners across the Country are asked to take extra steps to protect their vehicles, after a number of thefts in recent weeks - taking extra precautions and adding extra protection will help deter thieves and also aid detection should yours be stolen.

You are urged to:

  • Avoid leaving quad bikes running unattended
  • Consider property identification – many quad bikes are unregistered and therefore not easily identifiable
  • Photographic evidence of the make/model/serial number
  • Report suspicious people and vehicles loitering near isolated rural properties
  • Install adequate lighting, CCTV and strong locks to deter offenders
  • Fit good tracking devices - there are plenty on the market available at reasonable prices

For small-holdings, a stolen quad can be an expensive theft and have a high impact on the farmer - make purchases to protect your property and farm machinery.

Ask your local Safer Neighbourhood Officer for advice if need be, but take action today!

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