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Harecoursing - What is it?

by @CSide_Watch - 21:10 on 01 November 2017

Harecoursing takes place across the UK and across County borders (i.e. crossing County borders in order to commit crime in a neighbouring area).

What is harecoursing? It’s the chasing of hares using dogs that hunt by sight - usually lurchers. Harecoursing is illegal across the UK and can involve small or large groups of people; it happens a lot after harvesting as it’s easy to access the fields.

What to look out for.... Lookout for groups of estate car, 4x4 vehicles or vans parked in a rural area, may be near farmland gates. Coursers use binoculars to “spot” the hares and there may be people walking the edge of the field to flush them out.

I suspect harecoursing - What do I do? .... firstly, if you see instances of harecoursing or poaching do NOT approach those taking part - they could be armed, you need to ensure you are NOT in danger.  Gather information (if and ONLY if it is safe to do so) such as vehicle registration number, or perhaps a photograph for evidence purposes and then give all the information you have to your local Police.

The Project Poacher App ..... if you visit http://projectpoacher.com/ you can download an app that "walks you through" the legislation behind illegal practises and even helps you compile a report!

Project Poacher is created by BASC Organisation

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