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Property Marking - Types of marking

Computer chipping and implants can be utilized on machinery, vehicles, trailers and caravans.

Ceramic Markers and UV Pens - Ceramic or Titanium pens can be bought from specialist stores. Marks have the appearance of faint pencil marks and cannot be removed without damaging the ceramic surface.

UV pens are available from many DIY stores and certain supermarkets - these are best used on personal property, i.e. computers, laptops, tvs (though not on the glass screen!).

The mark is invisible until viewed under an ultra-violet lamp which most Safer Neighbourhood Officers now carry as part of their equipment. Any porous material will accept ultra-violet ink as well as some plastics, leather and unglazed pottery.

Exposure to sunlight can lessen the effectiveness of a UV pen so in that instance, it would be necessary to repeat the marking process every 6 months to ensure maximum security.

Forensic Liquid - "Datatag", "Smartwater", "SelectaDNA" to name but three are readily on the market. A unique number for your home is imprinted into the liquid so when scanned with a UV light. A small amount of liquid is "painted" onto equipment to act as a deterrent and to help detect theft.

Branding - Branding with soldering irons or welding equipment is very effective, especially on horseboxes, trailers, caravans, generators and other hard-wearing machinery.

Generalized Recording  - Keeping an inventory of property may be time-consuming but can be invaluable in the long term. An accurate description and correct name of items along with makers' names, numbers and individual serial numbers is a "must".

Regularly "take stock" to confirm that all property is still in place as this can identify any losses.

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