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Tips and Hints

The rural community is asked to ensure that extra vigilance is taking place to report any and all suspicious vehicles/incidents in the rural area at the time they occur.....

My local Wildlife Officer, PC Bilton has extensive experience; I was speaking with him about gathering evidence to combat rural crime and he was saying that wildlife cameras are proving "extremely useful" in combatting illegal night-time activities and monitoring who (or what) enters properties at night-time.

I've been doing some research and if you follow this link - www.wildviewcameras.co.uk - you will find plenty of camera models to look for ... there is also a blog on how wildlife cameras can be used to reduce rural crime.

PC Bilton also mentioned camera models such as Bushnell, ProStalk and Little Acorn - they require no back-lighting, take stills, video, audio and can mount SD cards. Any evidence gathering assists the Police to combat rural crime as well as protecting your property!

www.gardenature.co.uk - also has a wide range of cameras for sale.



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