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What is Suspicious?

You are the best person to know your own area - you know the "local" vehicles, you know who visits properties within the area.

Anything suspicious is just that - anything out of the ordinary

  • be it a vehicle parked in a secluded area where there's no footpaths or bridleways to walk;
  • does a "hidden" parked vehicle have dogs such as lurchers or can you hear dogs excessively barking in the vicinity? If so, DO NOT APPROACH; contact the Police IMMEDIATELY on 999 as this could be a poaching incident...
  • someone you aren't expecting visiting your property or your workplace asking questions out of the ordinary;
  • someone taking an "unnatural" interest in horses/ponies who are in fields, i.e taking photographs or asking about the owners;
  • a diesel tanker that you haven't seen in the area before - is your neighbour expecting a delivery?
  • Is the farmer in the area working late; is there someone other than him or his workforce driving his tractor?

all the above can be classed as suspicious and as such should be called into the Police as soon as possible - don't expect that someone else has done it, do it yourself!

If you do see something/someone suspicious, take down the vehicle registration number (VRN), make, model and driver description (if possible) and also the direction the vehicle is travelling (if mobile)

Here's a memory aid to assist in taking notes for that all-important call!

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